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Get Real Adventure Breakaways not only offers one of the widest varieties of activities in the region, covering a wide spectrum of interests, budgets and outcomes, but they are well known for their dynamic and purposeful approach. Their personal and intentional design is guaranteed to connect and challenge your team. Many teams have left with their expectations exceeded, teams changed and many wonderful memories had, at Falcon Rock. Their team building is aimed at individuals and teams alike, and focus primarily on teamwork, self and team motivation, conflict resolution, communication and leadership. There are two types of team building:

Activity Based Team Building: Where the focus is largely on fun and relational building. They provide a range of activities that will challenge or engage individuals within the team, build healthy relationships and strengthen camaraderie.

Outcome Based Team Building: Team building activities with a specific goal in mind i.e. problems are engaged with, areas of growth or change, workplace applications are incorporated. The activities are linked back to your chosen outcomes constantly. They will also not only be fun, but will get all members of your group actively involved and buying in to common values and vision. These strategic teamwork challenges and games draw the best out of teams and individuals, requiring collaboration, creative problem solving skills, and provide constant touch points for identifying areas of change and growth, as well as ensuring that your team doesn’t stay the same.

Get Real specializes in crafting intentional and innovative programs designed for a variety of target groups. The programs will unify your group through a series of lessons and laughter. Their mission is to provide a dynamic environment that builds team relationships, challenges individuals and improves processes by getting them to:

Walk the talk ● Keep it simple and keep it real ● Celebrate differences, others & successes ● Keep hope alive ● Build meaningful relationships ●Take responsibility ● Be positive change agents ● Be innovative & find creative solutions ● Discover strengths & passions ● Make a difference wherever and whenever ● Be self motivated ● Do things in excellence

We suggest you contact them directly and arrange the activities or teambuilding directly with them, as they would be able to customize their programs to suit your conferencing or event needs, accordingly. They would also invoice you separately.

Direct contact details:


Get Real Adventure Breakaways

C: 0829700668

F: 086 532 1753