Hawkwind Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club – Eastern Cape

Although their club focuses on the social aspects of flying, many of their members perform well when competing. They regularly have podium finishers in national competitions, and they are very proud of their own Nevil Hulett, the world record holder for the longest distance flown with a paraglider.

Being one of the oldest clubs of it’s kind in SA, it is a club where like-minded people from all walks of life, live out there passion for flying in a relaxed and passionate way.

They embrace and welcome all fliers who want to share their skies in the same spirit of friendship, camaraderie and respect – for each other and the environment.

Hawkwind members fly sites from the Tsitsikamma to the Karoo, but their main and regular sites are close to Port Elizabeth.

These sites include the Lady Slipper, which is situated directly above Falcon Rock. It is a SW and NE site suitable for beginners and more advanced pilots, and a good site to hone your flying skills. Flying is a mixture of ridge soaring and thermic conditions.

For more information on other flying sites please visit their website or feel free to contact them at:

Richard Wernberg (Treasurer)
073 506 3044

Dan Brown (Chairman)
083 560 1156

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(+27) 82 655 3214